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Managing your schedule at work and home

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Even with technology, apps and tools abounding, it's easy to get distracted and lose focus. When leading exciting projects, developing your team and working in highly matrixed, global organization, you may find yourself with a heavy workload. This makes it imperative that you remain organized.

While this may initially seem counter intuitive, start by determining what lifestyle is important to you and let that be your initial guide. Begin with your personal calendar. What can't you miss - your child's soccer game, doctor appointment, a date with your partner or great workout? Calendar your "must haves" and build in travel time so you get there without becoming unraveled.

Regarding your work, when are you at the top of your game? Make that 'prime time' your time to address key initiatives. Avoid distractions such as your cell and IM, so you are as productive as possible. As you schedule your work, break projects into bite size chunks for intense 1 hour time slots. Focus on one piece of work during this time, since we often lose productivity when we jump around. If you regularly commit to this, as you gain efficiency, you should make strong progress on key projects and be able to prioritize the most precious aspects of your personal life as well.

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