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My purpose

We all need a reason to live and be. My personal reason for being is my two wonderful daughters. I focused on raising young girls into thriving, happy adults. I have tried to be a strong role model personally and professionally. They have seen me at my best as well as in my most challenging moments. These amazing women provide more joy, meaning, delight, love and honor, than I could ever have imagined. I am forever grateful to them. 

Regarding my professional purpose, my hope is you experience a greater lightness about yourself. As you work with our firm, may you find a respite filled with humor, human interest, understanding and kindness, which are even more necessary in a demanding marketplace and during stressful times.

My second aspiration is that you gain a stronger foundation as you increase your ability to tap into your reason for being - gaining insights about yourself and your intention regarding your relationships with your organization, your colleagues, your family and the world at large.

Warmly, Ann

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