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"I developed a different leadership style. I understand that coaching means I am the one doing the work. Ann, as my coach, keeps me on the road. I found the learning and growth happen and things click between our coaching sessions when I have time to reflect. The way you [Ann] did this was very comfortable and our relationship has grown during this coaching process.

Even though our work was done remotely, I felt it was very engaging and empowering. I felt real growth. I am enthusiastic particularly with you [Ann]. The coaching process added real value because the learning is here to stay. While we worked on goals, the process was most important. Now that I have this methodology in place, through understanding my behaviors, being able to self assess and look at myself...(I have leadership tools I carry with me into the future)."

                                                                                                         -Coaching Client, Commercial Global Healthcare Leader

"I had abandoned my passion for photography several years ago. It was so expensive and so technical. I also was afraid to challenge myself because I didn't see how I could make any money  in art photography. Through coaching with Ann Houser, I reinvigorated my interest and more importantly pushed myself to be more professional in the field. I'm pleased to say that I have a series of photographs published in an art magazine this fall."

                                                                 - Coaching Client and Art History Professor, New York City

"Good news, just wanted to share I was accepted to the .... program we discussed. 

It looks exciting and our work together contributed to this result so thanks."

-Coaching Client

"You have been a great coach, role model and support for me.

I will never forget that. Please count me in as a ... completely devoted reference."

                                                                  - Human Resource leader 


"Ann did a great job at her presentation, she was very relaxed and the time just flew by.  One of the best job clubs I have every been to. It was a very informative and fun class." 

                                                                     - Presentation Attendee

"You've gotten us to a great place - I think <Leader> has much greater clarity  in where he feels <Organization> needs to be, organizationally, structurally, etc. as a result of your guidance. Looking forward to any opportunity to work with you again in the future."

                                                                    - Consulting Client's HR leader

"Ann Houser is a wonderful presenter, she not only discussed great options to embrace rejection and dealing with disappointment she shared her own stories of rejection and disappointment which really resonated with the audience. Enjoyed the small group discussions and also having an Accountability Partner.  Liked the Rejection Strategy & Tips to remind us to refocus. Thank you for having Ann as a Speaker." 

                                                                                           - Presentation Attendee

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